Case Study: RideLondon

The organisers of RideLondon, the UK’s largest closed road sportive, focus on the experience. Not only can participants ride around the capital and surrounding countryside traffic free, but they also benefit from access to bike mechanics, training plans, well-stocked feed stations and a family-friendly weekend. RideLondon was looking for an insurance partner who was able […]

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Nirvana Europe, specialist sports tour operator and Ironman partner, were looking for additional benefits they could include within their trip packages. A considerable proportion of Nirvana’s business model guarantees entry to Ironman events, even when general entry sells out. Participants typically need to use Nirvana’s additional services, notably accommodation and transfer services. For some customers, […]

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Content Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

“Content marketing is king” is the definitive marketing mantra of the day, but it can be a challenge to understand exactly what and when you should publish. There is no guaranteed number of posts or exact type of content that will lead to success, but there are general guidelines that can help to improve the results […]

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The high street is in trouble, and the cycling industry is not immune to changing consumer habits. Businesses and brands need to constantly evolve, not just to attract new customers but, more importantly, to retain existing ones. Membership schemes are not new; household names (Amazon, for example) provide us with the ultimate guides to do […]

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How To Open A Bike Shop

Owning one’s own bike shop is a fantasy indulged in by most casual cyclists from time to time. To be surrounded by top quality kit all day, building the bikes of your dreams and talking to likeminded people, what a blast! But what is the reality of such a dream? Cycle shops are a key […]

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Successful Affiliate Marketing

Put simply, affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which one business rewards another for driving visitors (through various marketing efforts) to buy its product. The core players are the ‘brand’, the ‘affiliate'(you) and the customer. There is also the potential for a fourth player known as a super-affiliate, they act as an agent and manage […]

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Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme: Mechanics Guide

Following in the footsteps of a French initiative launched back in May, the Department of Transport announced last month that they will be issuing £50 vouchers to anyone in the UK with a bicycle in need of a service. The vouchers, issued under the “Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme” are to be spent at local […]

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Marketing Cycling Businesses

Marketing Strategy Put simply, a marketing strategy is the plan of action behind achieving your goals.  Making a plan will help you market more effectively. A good plan will identify a variety of activities including the content you’ll create, the medium and frequency you’ll share and the events you’ll attend to name just a few. […]

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Five Myths About Influencer Marketing

Marketing is an innovative industry, and new methods for businesses to reach their target customers appear frequently. Not so long ago the new opportunity was television advertising, which took over from radio, which itself had taken over from outdoor advertising as the most popular. More recently, digital display advertising started losing ground to social media […]

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Why travel insurance for professional cyclists is essential

This week’s Vertical discusses why travel insurance for professional cyclists is essential. We use a case study from a professional cyclist to help discuss this vital topic. “Standing in the pit, craning my neck to watch the first 100m of the race on the big screen, I was excited to see how the European champs […]

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