Cycle Team Insurance

Add Yellow Jersey to your roster

From World Tour teams to the local Sunday squad, our close relationships with the UCI and sports insurance experts will arrange the cycle team insurance you need.

cycle team insurance

Organising appropriate cycle team insurance can be a complicated business, but we can help you all the way. If you need assistance deciphering the UCI’s latest requirements and would like a quote for travel insurance complete our fact find.

We can also cover coaches liability,team managers professional indemnity and we have a unique solution for covering team bicycles whilst in use, in storage and in transit.

"Yellow Jersey is a good fit for us given the race centric nature of the product, their competitive focus and their genuine passion for cycling and we are looking forward to working with them"

Tim Elverson, Team Manager, Canyon Eisberg

What could your next cycle team insurance policy include?

  • Annual travel including medical expenses and repatriation
  • Fleet bicycle insurance
  • Personal accident and loss of earnings cover
  • Career ending injury cover for team members
  • Professional indemnity for coaches
  • Business equipment
  • Goods in transit, including bicycles