Cycle Tour Operators Insurance

Don't worry about those 'what if' scenarios

Our cycle tour operators insurance gives you the freedom to lead your tours. We'll focus on the wording and you focus on your riders.

cycle tour operators insurance

Cycle tour operators insurance for training camps and triathlon clubs, touring holidays and two-wheeled tan top-ups. The experiential demands of riders nowadays means shops and companies are running a wider variety of cycle and triathlon based tours, year round and worldwide.

Basic business insurance policies exclude tour operator’s liability. If you arrange the logistics for a training camp, you could be liable should the unthinkable happen. Why take the risk when you could let us asses your situation and arrange a policy to cover all your needs.

Many people are ‘accidental tour operators’ you started arraging trips for your club and now it’s a full blown business. One problem could undo all your hardwork, contact us for a quote.

What could you tour policy include?

  • Employers and public liability
  • Tour operators liability
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Bike transportation cover
  • Group travel policies for employees