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With over 25 years' experience of commercial insurance, Yellow Jersey have established markets for a number of niche cycling enterprises that most other suppliers would find difficult to place.

We know that running a cycling business can be a long and winding journey. It can have its steep inclines and sharp descents, its hairpin bends and false flats.

At Yellow Jersey we specialise in creating bespoke business insurance tailored to your journey. Our passion and in-depth knowledge of the cycling world allows our clients to meet any change in the terrain with confidence.

Yellow Jersey has over 30 years’ experience of business insurance, founded and managed by three brothers, all passionate cyclists and triathletes, means we are also deeply rooted within the cycling community. This insight means Yellow Jersey have both the know-how and enthusiasm to take care of your business insurance requirements.

In our experience business insurance is often renewed with current insurance suppliers without checking what new cover is available. There may be opportunities to develop your business and your insurance policy could be either be holding you back or leaving you unduly exposed.

The Commercial Team

We approach commercial insurance differently. Our business is built upon personal relationships so that we can truly understand the needs of your business. As a Yellow Jersey client, you’ll have direct contact with your insurance manager so if you need anything we’re always on hand.

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